First Event, Success!

Austin, TX hosted the first ADTA event on January 9, 2012. We had a total of 10 actual competitors, but many more along for the ride. Throughout the weekend, we rode through neighborhoods and hit some amazing spots. Many thanks to the Texas crews that made this happen. Friday night we gathered at the hotel where most of the competitors were staying and invaded the parking lot. Some drove a few minutes, some drove a few hours. Some drove the better part of a day, and more. Two members of LAKoT, from Lancaster PA, drove 26 hours to make the event. Our friends from WNC Drift Trikes drove about 18 hours with 3 trikes strapped to their roof. One of which was a tandem. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s dedication.

After a short while, we drove out to our first few neighborhood runs of the weekend. During one of the first runs, a large light colored bird resembling a crane actually collided with Cody from WNC as he (and the rest of the pack) were making their way down a quiet street. Without missing a beat he was able to maintain control and continue down the hill.

Saturday was spent mostly at what was to be the competition site. Everyone was getting a feel for the location, making any adjustments, and talking shop. Later in the afternoon and into the night, we took to the streets of Austin. We made multiple runs this evening, and hit the highest speeds to date (for most of us, at least). After our evening cruise, we returned to the competition course to find we were no longer welcome. Time for Plan:B.

Come Sunday morning, some of the competitors met at Plan:B’s location to find they were also not welcomed there. Plan:C, you ask? You know it. After breakfast, the rest of the competitors joined the group at what would end up being the actual event site. We ran an hour or so of practice runs before qualifying began, to get a feel for the new surface. As the day continued, we ran our brackets as the sky grew cloudy. Among some of the more interesting runs, Sean from LAKoT, had a wheel fly off mid-run during a heat in which he was squaring off against fellow LAKoT member, John. We also had some very close competition, as Burt from WNC was paired up with Cody from his own crew. They ended up running 6 times before one of them made a mistake, clipping a cone. It was overall a great time for all, with the final standings:

1st: Kelly Davies (T.I.T.S)

2nd: John Georgilis (LAKoT)

3rd: Burt Bell (WNC Drift Trikes)

We are currently editing all video that was compiled from the event, and will be posting to our Youtube page very soon. All pictures are currently up on our Facebook page. All of which will soon be compiled here on the site, so stay tuned. In the mean-time, here are the direct links to each. Enjoy!


American Drift Trike Association (ADTA) Official Facebook page & ADTA Official Youtube page



  1. You said it John. Our first official event started off with a bang. We had a great turnout, not only for the competition, but also for the hill bombing runs. The weekend began with an awesome nighttime group session, in the awesome West Austin hill country. The trend continued on Saturday and the weekend ended with the drift showoff on Sunday. I commend the guys that were willing to make the trek, all the way from North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Apparently, the American drift trike scene is alive and prospering. It was great to see all different styles of custom trikes and riding styles to match. The WNC Drift Trike boys are pretty gnarly and weren’t afraid to mix it up with us local guys either. There were some great highlights from the weekend and I’m sure we’ll have some good stories to tell, for a long time to come. I mean, who hits a bird while drifting down the road? 😉 Then you had Sean’s tire issues… There were some pretty hilarious moments with wheels and sleeves falling off. A personal highlight for me was getting the chance to ride the tandem trike with Burt. That was a blast. It was also nice to see riders of varying ability in attendance. It looks like this could be the next big sport, with the help of our friends from around the country. The whole weekend was a blast and all of you guys made it possible. Here’s looking forward to the next one.

  2. im from dallas and have a nice frame just hopin someone can point me in the right direction…

  3. my email is

  4. im in fairfax VA and im really interested in this stuff but i dont know where to buy a trike, can you guys help me out?

  5. @mmj4tx: everything you’ll need to know about makin’ your frame could be found in our forums, our youtube page (that has an instructional video), and our affiliate site

    @Jesse: as far as shop go to buy a trike, i don’t think you’ll be finding one at the moment. however, there are a number of people building them to sell, as well as selling oem trikes called hillkickers. i guess it really depends what your looking to do, and where your looking to ride. we are setting up some other things at the moment, but in the mean time you can check out the forum and get ppl’s opinions. we’ll have a buy/sell section very soon, so sit tight!

    ps: we have an event in central pennsylvania on July 29- and i know that’s only a 2.5 hr drive for ya. we have guys coming from TX, NC, MD, NY, VT, NH so far..

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