Interview with Richard Howard from High 5 Trikez

Hey guys, Its Corwin Clark here interviewing a Drift Trike fabricator from Utah by the name of Richard Howard. So far I’ve seen nothing but quality machined and finished frames coming out of his shop and top notch  complete builds. I caught up with Richard The 13th of June to ask him more about his passion for metal work, trike drifting, as well as to inquire a little more into what direction the sports headed.

Corwin Clark: How long have you been riding drift trikes?

Richard Howard: November of 2011 is when we started ridin.

CC: who is we?

RH: All of us here in Utah started at the same time except Lucky and hes been riding for like 4 year.

CC: Oh awesome, I’m under the impression your the fabricator of the group, can you tell me a little bit about some of your most recent builds and what your goals are as for your future trikes?

RH: Ellis and my self started building the trikez and are trying to take our experience of fabrication work on street rods and motorcycles and put that in to drift trikes and make the next trike better than the last . We just got done doing a custom trike build for Arron Stead in Texas its a nice trike that has one of our disc brake adapters and kart wheels with our removable axles .. our goal with the trikez is to have a trike in every state and keep the sport going in a good way and growing.

CC: Sounds like a strong background in Metal Fabrication and the surrounding processes between you two. How often do you guys go out riding?

RH: we ride at least on Saturday and that’s a full day of riding….

having a full time job building trikez and having a family is a lot of time.

CC: So you have kids as well?

RH: We did a 3 person trike. That was a great time and fun to ride but the trike got destroyed after 3 of us took it off the ramp we made, lol yeah i have 4 kids.

CC: Do your kids ride?

RH: My son that is 9 has one i built for him he rides around the house and he can pull 360 and he like riding the skate parks lol.

CC: I mentioned earlier that you were building drift trikes, will you tell me more about the trikes themselves?

RH:   We use a thick wall 1.5″ tube and use a bender that doesn’t smash the tube and just try to do the best we can do. We have a new line of do it yourself trike kits.  Also, We had one of our trikes reviewed and tested by Car and Driver mag that should be in the August issue.

CC:Car and Driver is a pretty popular magazine!

I’m really excited I got to talk to you about this. where would someone go if they were interested in purchasing one of your trikes?

RH: contact us on our face book page or the website and leave a message

thanks for your time to was nice talking to you.

CC:you as well, slide on


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