Interview with Ariff Shah of Star Industries

So I spoke with Ariff, of Star Industries [ ] regarding some fabrication tech. I decided I should catch an interview while I had him. He is building and riding trikes in Malaysia and these things look clean, man.

Here’s the interview:

Corwin Clark: How long have you been riding drift trikes?

Ariff Shah: End of October last year …2011

CC: When did you start building them?

AS: Start building them last year end of October .. i got an image of it .. the first trike .. built

CC: How many people are riding drift trikes in Malaysia? how does your community feel about trike drifters?

AS: Currently in Malaysia is only our team ” star industries ” that makes 10 of us … 2 of them are female riders …our community …are about to grow, as our local long boarders, car drifters had already aware of this gravity sports rapidly …we already receive emails regarding DT from locals that includes downhill bike lovers .. dirt bikers …They are interested because of its drifting and speed …..thrill .. most of them are Adrenaline Junkie Most of them at first think is just a normal trike …till they personally tried … their feed back was superb …and directly plan to built one…it’s exciting …love to see their faces after their first try … they were shock the ride …. even be it their background from longboard to dirt bikes ….

CC: So Ariff, what do you do for a living?

AS: Currently I’m running my own company …Developing iPhone apps ..creating graphics …I’d say..I’ll most of creativity work…I’ve quit my previous job..used to work in an IT company as an operation manager … got fired last year … form the company … and open up my own company end of last year too ..sorry…i did not quit…i got fired ..lols

CC: Haha, Been there man! So what do you think is next for drift trikes?

AS: I’m sorry Corwin, can you be more specific ..

CC:  What does the future of drift trikes look like? Any plans to organize events?

AS: I think Dt is going to be part of the x-game sports in the future..and going to be awesome ..more concept and solutions for creating one ..yes we got plans for organizing some drifts race…looking forward to participate in other country events ..I can see that all DT lovers all starts from playing skateboards, moto bikes …” x-game” sports ya ..they all equal to one =Adrenaline rush …challenge

CC: Well i’ve seen some of your work, great finishing they look really clean!

AS: Thank you!

CC: Where can someone contact you to purchase your product?
AS: Currently thru our Facebook, while were working on some cool solutions for our customer …

CC: Sounds great thanks for talking with me Ariff Shah!

AS: Your welcome Corwin And thanks to you too was a pleasure !! All star ind team send their regards you and all DT riders ..

CC: Slide on.

AS: Slide on!! Peace upon you!


  1. Great! Star Ind make a nice trikes, and have and amazing publicity images.
    Ariff is a really good seller and he knows how to do the Drift trikes a very atractive product to buy.
    I have had several contacts with the through fb, and i saw that he really love this world.
    Our sport are very fortunate to have a guy like Ariff.
    Good luck, with STAR IND, Ariff.
    And good drift for everybody.

    KT Maikel ( Orangebones owner)
    ( and excuse my bad english, pls)

  2. sulhishahbani says:

    hey bro it is nice to know that malaysia already have trikes scene.. btw im looking for it for my self.. any idea where can i start it? btw im working in a bike shop in seri kembangan..

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