We will be running this outlaw style: no closed roads, no judged runs. Since the addition of the August event, and only so many many people able to make the journey to the NE once this summer, this event will be more of a meetup, and less of a competition. We have 6 runs to choose from, all within 20-30 minutes drive.

Check out the details and RSVP in the forum post [ HERE ]

Special Thanks to:
Lee Wg for his awesome images (and son’s guest appearance)

Sean Dunlevy
Zach Good
John Georgilis
Eddie Olsen
Anthony Alveari


Here’s some of the footage from the event- enjoy!


  1. hope your reafy for NEDT and NFA to represent in PA

  2. always, andrew :) lets do this!

  3. Can anyone go or does it have to be a team?

    • well, this event has passed. but anyone is ALWAYS welcome as long as you have a trike and a helmet, regardless of crew.

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