woot.com: Hill Kicker Pro Adult Drift Trike

From the wootbot:

“A trike?” you’ll say. “How childish!” But then you’ll get on one (just to humor your buddy) and ride down the hill (because hills are always fun) and take that quick turn… and you’ll be hooked. So go ahead and buy an extra now. That way you won’t have to get in a fist fight over who gets the next ride! We know you’d totally win, but we don’t want you to ruin a friendship.

If you’re wanting to get in to trike drifting, and don’t know if you should take the leap into building (or spending a bit on a custom built masterpiece), check out the Hill Kicker Pro. I know a few people that ride theirs even long after they have made their own works of art.

Besides, once you’re hooked, you’ll end up getting something better and your friends will need something to ride. At $129.99, it’s pretty easy on the wallet, too.


  1. gonna get myself a drift trike now haha!

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